13 July 2009

Customer Feedback and Some Photos of Our Uniform (II)

Again, we are posting some photos from customers wearing the uniforms we produce and complimenting our the design, service and the quality of Galactica Uniforms. For another customers assessment, please see: here.

Again, please review the customers comments, as well as some of the photos that he has sent us.

Comments that follow are wholly the opinions of our customers, and have not been changed in any way.

"...I can't believe I have this uniform :)
I made my own a couple of years back and just thought I'd have to make due with it (it sucked actually...) ... and my mate got one from (C*******base) and it sucked too.


...When I sent away for this uniform, I'd no idea that it was going to be this good! Everything is perfect, and I can't tell you how cool it looks.... You should've seen a few of my mates that are also die-hard fans when they rocked up to to the house and saw me in it. LOL...


... I've already told all of my mates that are fans about you guys, and I am sure you can count on them.

Any fan with a uniform other than yours is in want, and I'll tell you now, I'm on board for an Admiral or an Adama uniform when you roll them out....

.... thanks for all your attention to details and the speedy way you got it to me!


.... Galactica Uniforms is the KING--

So Say We All!"

-----Wade, Brisbane, AUS

[ Click on the Images for a larger view ]

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