28 May 2013

Customer Feedback of Our Duty Blue (Jr. Officer Grade) Uniform

"...the quality of the build and materials is superb! You can take great pride in being able to successfully develop and offer such an affordable and high-quality uniform to all the BSG fans out there. I would most certainly do business with you again!..."

Sam, Dallas, TX

27 November 2012

The Cmdr and the President.

The Commander and the President.
Craig - Seattle WA. 

7 August 2012

With Adama himself at Suparnova (Melbourne, AUS) 2012

This photo was taken by an Australian client during the Supanova  in Melbourne (AUS). 
Needless to say it is pretty much the coolest thing we have seen in a VERY long time. 

Big thanks to Diren for allowing us to post this on our blog. 

3 November 2011

Customer Feedback of Our Duty Blue (Cmdr Grade) Uniform

I am very happy with how the uniform turned out. I feel like I am ready to step into the CIC on Galactica!


17 October 2011

Customer Feedback of Our Duty Blue (Colonel Grade) Uniform

My full BSG rig...

I wore it proudly today at NYCC, and got MANY compliments.

(click for larger pics)

Oh and the lovely Eliza Dushku...

Thanks guys!! Everything came out awesome!!!

Adam (New York, NY)