15 March 2011

Japan Disaster

Greetings to you all. I hope that this posting finds you well. As things are in crisis mode here in Japan, there will most certainly be disruptions in posting our uniforms to our clients.

What these disruptions are, we can not say at the moment. However, information will follow in the coming days.

Please understand that we have recently endured one of the worst earthquakes/tsunami in living memory.

Also, if you have means, please consider a donation to the Red Cross Tsunami Relief Fund. Please click on the Red Cross in your area to help with the disaster relief going on here in Japan.

American Red Cross

British Red Cross

Australian Red Cross - The Power Of Humanity

3 March 2011

Customer Photos

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Cmdr. Grade Uniform.
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Prompt Service and an Excellent Product. Very Pleased with the Result! "

John, Ontario, Canada