12 July 2009

Customer Feedback and Some Photos of Our Uniform

Since we started, we have gotten back some photos from customers who have been very satisfied with the uniforms that we produce.

Please review the customers comments, as well as some of the photos that he has sent us. We have to say, the photos that follow were among the very best (given the quality of the images, along with the colonial flag used in the background)!

Comments that follow are wholly the opinions of our customers, and have not been changed in any way.


"Bravo. You and your company have produced a product that exceeds all expectations. I dare say, this truly is a 'replica' uniform. Not only are the materials and craftsmanship superb, but to my great surprise - even every measurement is exact...the uniform was 'ready to wear' right out of the box, with a minimum of wrinkling. My compliments on choosing a great carrier as well - after shipping it Friday; it arrived by Tuesday morning. By comparison, it takes longer for me to get eBay items just from the U.S. East coast!

Highlights I love: The perfection of the cuffs, piping, belt loops, suede, collar hook and beveled pants hem. They are all superb. The quality of the pants also surpassed all expectations. I must also congratulate you on taking a little creative licensing and installing those three extra hidden snaps, which seem to take the 'pressure' off of the exposed buttons - nice job!"

--- Chris, Denver, CO

In these images, you can see two different patches. In the image above, the uniform is affixed with our BSG patch. In the image below, you can see the customers own Sommers fabric Pegasus patch. For this particular uniform we affixed Velcro to the shoulder, rather than sewing the patch directly to the fabric. An example of this, can be seen [here]

[ Click on the Images for a larger view ]

In the image below, the customer informed me that:

"...Since I have a 'Colonel Tigh' costume card from the Miniseries I removed the little fabric piece and laid it on the jacket for two photos so you can see just how close a match it is."

--- Chris, Denver, CO

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