29 June 2009

New PDF Catalogue and New Design Notes PDF

We have a new PDF catalogue with new images of the Duty Blues (both versions) and the Dress Greys (we are still working on the Senior Officers Uniform, but it has caused many stumbling blocks) as well as a new Design Notes PDF on our site for review.

Please see the new revised PDF: here

And, please see the new Design Notes PDF: here

27 June 2009

Design Notes for the Dress Blues

Design Notes:

Please review the following images as reference to how we construct our jackets. Will be adding in a short time (along with all the new information regarding the uniforms on our revamped PDF). A new design and construction page, that will outline all the smaller details regarding our uniforms and how they are designed.

[The inside of the Jacket and the two flaps]

The Lining

According to the customers wishes, we can affix Velcro to the Uniform rather than sew our patch directly to the uniform.

18 June 2009

The Duty Blues (Cmdr Grade)

Here is another look at our Duty Blues (Cmdr Grade). We are working hard to bring this Uniform to our PDF and should have it up on our site by early next week. Thank you all for your interest and emails.

17 June 2009

Inside Seam

Also there have been questions regarding the inside of the jacket in reference to the seam at the bottom. Please see the following image of how we construct the jacket with a picture of a screen used uniform.

[our uniform]
[note: colour is somewhat distorted in the preceding image]

[screen used uniform]

Double Flap & Inside Lining

We have had questions regarding the lining colour and opposite flap used on the jackets. Please see the following images of a recent customers jacket as reference to our uniforms. (The lining colour we use is black).

Cuffs on the Duty Blue Uniform

We have been recieving many questions regarding our cuff and if they are similar to the ones used on the show. Please review the following images, to see how our cuffs are fashioned.

[cuff in detail]
figure 1

figure 2

[reverse detail]

11 June 2009

First Look at the Duty Blues (Cmdr Grade)

Here is the first look at the Duty Blues (Cmdr Grade) Uniform. We will be adding this to our pdf and our site shortly.

Please check back soon for more details.

New Belt for the Dress Grey Uniform

We now have two different belts (see this post for the older version) to choose from for the Dress Grey Uniform. We will be adding the new pictures to our PDF soon.

Please check back soon to see the new addtions.

4 June 2009

Cuff Length

We have had a number of questions regarding sizing of different aspects of the uniform. With regards to the cuff, please review the picture below. 

We use the standard of about 4inches (this can depend also on the size of the person) minus the size of the piping.

Either way, as these are custom made, and tailored to your desires, you can have any length you want (from 3.5 - to the standard of 4). It is all up to you. As is any other part of the uniform. 

(Note: Please see the photo below. The tape measure it in cm and one can see that including the double piping on both ends it comes in at 11cm (converts to at 4.3 inches – piping included. Also, colour shown is a trick of light) 

3 June 2009

Colonial B.D.U.s

Here is the first look of the Colonial B.D.U.'s that we are in the process of making. 
We will be adding these as well to the site soon, however these will come in only S,M,L & XL sizes. 

Dress Grey Belt (clasps in detail)

We have also been asked by many, to have a closer look at the claps on our D.G.U. belts. Please see here a detailed photo of the Dress Grey Uniforms Belt.

[Please Note the colour is not 100% accurate in this photo]

Duty Blue Uniform (red & gold piping)

A quick look at the Duty Blue Uniform Cmdr. Grade. We will be adding this to our site soon, but have been asked for a shot of the collar and piping by many people.  Please check our site soon for this uniform in more detail.