7 August 2012

With Adama himself at Suparnova (Melbourne, AUS) 2012

This photo was taken by an Australian client during the Supanova  in Melbourne (AUS). 
Needless to say it is pretty much the coolest thing we have seen in a VERY long time. 

Big thanks to Diren for allowing us to post this on our blog. 
Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the help, and the fantastic suit. It looks great and fits well - a bit loose, but I added a few layers underneath so was OK.
My Captain Pins and Flight Pin arrived in time, so it all came together well.

The only BSG at Supanova. People loved it. Needless to say I had a great time, and will be donning the suit for future events, parties... or if my microwave starts to get an attitude problem...



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